Please note that all IllumiTops can be ordered without light base.

Welcome — IllumiTops

Our EXCLUSIVE illuminated toppers are designed and created to bring a new and unique look to cake and table tops. Celebrate a wedding, event or occasion in an exciting fashion that can only be found at artZengraving! Brilliant LEDs inside a compact, lightweight base, illuminate etched acrylic designs for a stunning, personalized display! We can CUSTOMIZE any of our tops or create anything you may have in mind for your special person, event, corporate function, holiday, or whatever!

Express with colors like: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, and multi-colors can elevate that special moment to high extremes.

Introducing our Cake Toppers

IllumiTops is a line of etched acrylic cake toppers that glow from a lightweight LED base to make a simple cake special. The base holds two 9 volt batteries that switches on, snaps together and is inserted into a small cavity in the cake. After the event, the acrylic cake topper can be kept as a memento while the light base can be reused with a new cake topper for a different occasion.

There is a wide selection of cake toppers with unique graphics and shapes: wedding, birthday, holiday, bar mitzvah, birth, graduation, etc,. Even a companys' logo can be become a striking piece for a grand opening ceremony cake. Verbiage can be generic or customized, even mix a graphic with verbiage - any combination with the help of a design specialist. Then choose from eight different colors of light. The acrylic toppers are also available without purchasing the LED base.

Venues, event rental companies, caterers/bakers can purchase a multi color, changing base with a remote. The remote allows programming of certain colors, fading, changing speed, etc. They can rent the unit and let the customer take the topper as a keepsake.

We can etch a truly memorable topper and keepsake from a photo of that special couple or honored person. All we need is a sharp jpg. file or digital photo.

View our selection of toppers in their listed galleries: Wedding, Event/Occasion/Holiday. See how toppers make for awesome Centerpieces. Also in this gallery see our exclusive lit Table Number Markers.  When you're ready to purchase, visit our online store at

IllumiTops are the highlight of the party!