Welcome — IllumiMusic

Please take some time to explore the various etched acrylic instruments that glow from an LED base to make a unique award or gift for any musician. There are two types of battery-operated bases: white or multi-color changing (you do have the opition of no lights), a selection of musical instruments, microphone, or clef notes and then personalized with a music quotation.

These illuminated keepsakes are well-suited for any occasion as an award or gift. Whether the student has completed a piano recital or an accomplished guitarist, IllumiMusic is sure to make him or her feel special.

Customization is not only limited to a choice of instrument, lighting and quote. They can etch a picture of their musician to personalize IllumiMusic even more and make the novelty to last a lifetime.

The IllumiMusic line includes: piano, guitar, drums, violin, trumpet, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trombone, treble clef note, bass clef note and even a microphone for voice. Bases are a snap-on, constant white light (AAA battery) or multi changing red/blue/green lights (AA battery). This version also has an AC adapter port. Depending on the instrument/art, sizes range from 5.5 7 tall and approx. 4.25 wide.